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KeraHealth - Men & Women
KeraHealth - Men & Women

Did you know your hair is 95% keratin?

Keratin - wikipediaIt is the key structural material making up hair, nails, horns, claws, hooves, and the outer layer of human skin. Keratin is also the protein that protects epithelial cells from damage or stress. Keratin is extremely insoluble in water and organic solvents.

Source: Wikipedia

Nutrients for Hair - KeraHealth

Kerahealth delivers the nutrients you need for great hair health!

At KeraHealth we use a revolutionary patented technology process to render our naturally sourced keratin highly absorbable by the human body, without using drugs or compromising the quality of the keratin. Our unique form of keratin is named KerCysteine.


The KeraHealth Womens and KeraHealth Mens formulas contain targeted blends of vitamins, minerals and powerful antioxidants together with KerCysteine, our exclusive product. KerCysteine is a highly soluble and ingestible form of keratin that has been naturally sourced and clinically tested to ensure its safety and efficiency

Main Benefits

Icon - Reduce hair lossReduce hair loss

Icon - Strengthen hair’s structureStrengthen hair’s structure

Icon - Promote shinePromote shine

Collateral Benefits

Icon - Reduce cell-agingReduce cell-aging

Icon - Strong NailsStrong Nails

Icon - Glowing skinGlowing skin

Additional Features

Icon - 0G Trans Fat0G Trans Fat

Icon - No GlutenNo Gluten

Icon - No LactoseNo Lactose

Icon - No DrugsNo Drugs

Turn hair loss
into Hair growth

Time to turn the tables and take control of your hair health using hair care nutraceutical KeraHealth 2 capsules per day are enough to nourish and stimulate your follicles leaving them healthier, strong and with the capacity of faster hair growth.


To see results it is recommended to take KeraHealth for at least 3
months and for best results, at least 6 months.



Reduction in hair loss, improvement in hair quality and thickness



Further reduction in hair loss, thicker/fuller hair and new hair growth.



New hair growth in thinning areas and further hair health improvement.

Robert, 43

Using KeraHealth Men for 1 month

KeraHealth Women - Before

Lisa, 38

Using KeraHealth Women for 7 months

KeraHealth Women - Before


The KerCysteine clinical study was a randomized, parallel group, double-blind, placebo-controlled 90-day intervention study on 50 subjects with signs of damaged hair and nails conducted at a single site in Italy

Meet your
hair fall hero!

Hair fall can be physically and emotionally traumatic.
At KeraHealth we understand that hair fall can come from stress, lack of nutrients, hormonal imbalances and even with the ageing process.
That is why we have turned to science to teach us exactly what is needed to reduce hair fall and growth thick, healthy hair, simply. Contains naturally sourced, clinically tested, drug free ingredients.

KeraHealth Amazon ReviewsKeraHealth Amazon Reviews

KeraHealth Shopper ApprovedKeraHealth Shopper Approved

Thicker hair with KeraHealth Women

Thicker hair now and always.

The more hair strands your scalp maintains, the denser your hair will appear. Our KeraHealth targeted male and female formula’s contain all the amino acids your body needs to reduce hair loss and grow thicker, healthier hair.

Heal Hair loss with KeraHealth Men

Heal your Hair loss.

Reversing hair loss needs time. Our exclusive patented technology ingredient KerCysteine will nourish and stimulate your hair follicles significantly reducing hair loss within the first month of use.

GMP Certified

French ingredients

Made in USA

Clinically Tested

Drug Free

Start your journey to hair health and happiness