We all know that a huge factor for good hair days is the actual condition of your locks, when your hair is healthy, smooth and shiny it is also easier to style, oh and of course way more touchable!

Feed your hair with goodness…

There are a host of vitamins and supplements out there, like KeraHealth Hair, proven to reduce hair loss, optimize growth, reduce stress and generally enhance the overall health of your hair but there are also some other great options that can work wonders on your hair health.

Here are some hair hacks that are easy and give great results:


Many of us already recognise the many benefits that come hand in hand with detoxing the body, but have you ever considered trying out a scalp detox?

Perfect for optimising the growth process and improving the overall health of your hair, a scalp detox mask treatment works by removing product build up from your scalp that can cut off oxygen to your skin cells, and eventually limit the amount of nutrients and oxygen able to reach your follicles.



Coconut oil: Even though coconut oil contains a multitude of vitamins and essential amino acids, there is no evidence that it makes hair grow faster. Coconut oil promotes scalp health and naturally neutralizes minor infection while penetrating and smoothing the hair shafts, leaving hair soft and shiny. Use one a week, apply warm to dry hair and leave overnight before shampooing in the morning.


Rosemary Oil: This essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, prevents premature greying and dandruff. Rosemary oil improves scalp micro-circulation, a few drops of this essential oil should be used mixed in a carrier oil (such as coconut or jojoba oil) and applied to dry hair, from roots to tips and left over night. Once weekly use is recommended.


Jojoba Oil (my personal favorite): Rich in vitamins C, E, B, copper and zinc, this oil is great for soothing and moisturizing the scalp. Jojoba oil is also thought to be a dandruff remedy, is thought to prevent hair loss and promote hair thickness. When people are experiencing extreme hair loss, apart from starting their KeraHealth Hair supplements at 4 caps per day for the first month, I also recommend jojoba oil gentle scalp massages twice a week to sooth and calm the scalp. Perfect to leave in the hair overnight and easy to shampoo out in the morning.


Think of it as physio for your follicles! You want to keep the blood circulation around your hair follicles flowing to the maximum, so gentle stimulation of the scalp, twice a day will work wonders. When massaging your scalp, using your finger tips apply enough pressure to the scalp so that you are actually moving the skin (opposed to rubbing your fingers over your scalp), make circular motions, moving slowly across the scalp.


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