The best hair tips from women with long healthy hair

Who doesn’t want long, shiny and healthy looking hair, right?

After the all, when it comes to styling your hair, the possibilities are truly endless for those lucky enough to have long, flowing locks.

And the good news is, growing long, strong and healthy hair isn’t has difficult as you might think, especially if you follow these helpful natural hair tricks and tips from women with long, healthy hair.

So now there’s absolutely no reason why you will have to succumb to hair envy as you’ll also be able to grow super long and super healthy hair, in no time at all!

Feed your hair with goodness…

There are a whole host of vitamins that have been proven to optimise hair growth and improve the overall health of your hair.

For example, a significant amount of research has linked Vitamin D to hair growth. Improving the thickness and length of your hair, Vitamin D actively wakes up your hair follicles.

But that’s not all…B complex vitamins are also an effective solution when it comes to growing, strengthening and conditioning your hair.

Detox your scalp

Many of us already recognise the many benefits that come hand in hand with detoxing the body, but have you ever considered trying out a scalp detox?

Perfect for optimising the growth process and improving the overall health of your hair, a scalp detox mask treatment works by removing product build up from your scalp that can cut off oxygen to your skin cells, and eventually limit the amount of nutrients and oxygen able to reach your follicles.

Rosemary Oil

This tip is sure to become a staple addition to your hair care regime that you simply cannot live without, especially when it comes to maintaining a long, shiny and healthy mane of hair.

Perfect for cleansing your hair and follicles, Rosemary Oil works wonders when it comes to moisturising your hair, especially hair that has been stripped dry through using harmful products.

Trust us, this is a sure fire way to achieve long healthy hair quickly and most importantly, safely.

Coconut Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Caster Oil

From coconut oil and caster oil through to peppermint oils, there are a whole host of oil based products that will allow you to grow your hair longer, thicker and faster.

This is because these products not only help to nourish the scalp, but they also help to strengthen your roots by penetrating deep into the hairs follicles in order to promote active hair growth.

Oil based hair growth solutions also help to rejuvenate your hair!

Finally, when it comes to growing your hair naturally, you should also adopt the following tips to optimise results…

  • Keep your hair as hydrated as possible
  • Strengthen your hair with protein
  • Reduce heat use
  • Use a oil based product to seal in moisture


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