Do’s and Donts of Biotin that I Bet you Don’t Know About

Biotin Supplements

Biotin is a complex V vitamin that can be taken in through everyday diet, but that can and is supplemented by some people to kickstart their hair-growth process. When researching hair loss solutions, it’s one of the main search results that comes up, however, it’s probably not the healthiest way to combat your hair loss.Although it improves your body’s keratin infrastructure, medical professionals say you probably shouldn’t supplement it unless your doctor has specifically said to do so.It is also argued that, although there’s strong evidence to prove that a biotin deficiency causes hair loss, there’s actually not that much evidence to support that a supplementation of biotin promotes hair loss. The vitamin is said to strengthen hair and nails, and support metabolism, however there isn’t much research available to support this.An overdose of biotin when it isn’t prescribed can cause breakouts, allergies, and there is always the fear that it may reduce effectiveness of other medications. It is also seen in some cases as a placebo, where it actually doesn’t increase hair growth at all. When trying to promote hair growth, the real savior is KeraHealth. The body needs amino acids, keratin, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to maintain sufficient hair growth.However, even this isn’t enough for some people. The KeraHealth products contain all of these, but also contain biotin, zinc, and other essentialities for hair growth results to be seen in as little as one month. KeraHealth is the real hero when it comes to promoting hair growth.

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