It may seem obvious, but when dealing with hair loss it’s important to go back to basics and check you are covering all the bases for healthy hair. We have listed in 5 sections below, what you need to consider when tackling poor hair health: General Health, Nutrition, Stress, Scalp Health and Supplementation.



There are certain basic checks that you need to do at your DR’s office, also its certainly worth ruling out any serious underlying health issues.


  1. Check blood iron levels, low iron levels may be an indicator of anemia which is known to cause fatigue and hair loss
  2. Hormones – Hair loss can also be related to hormonal changes, check your hormone levels and get advice from your Dr. should they need balancing.
  3. Thyroid disfunction can be an important cause of hair loss, your thyroid function can be screened through a blood test.
  4. Check with your gastroenterologist should you be experiencing any malabsorption problems, meaning nutrients are not properly being absorbed into your body.




How good is your diet really?


  1. Make sure your diet is healthy, balanced and above all contains protein.
  2. Healthy hair loves an anti-inflammatory diet (limited dairy, no processed foods, no refined sugars, no processed carbs, plenty of green vegetables, berries, fatty fish, olive oil, etc). Anti-oxidants such as SOD found in KeraHealth Hair can also help reduce cell inflammation and stress.
  3. WATER!!!!!! Make sure you are drinking at least 2 liters of water a day, apart from flushing out toxins from the body, your cells work best when they are properly hydrated.




This is where your follicles live, give them a healthy home!


  1. Use ultra-gentle, natural shampoos that are chemical free and if possible enriched with amino acids. Wash your hair daily.
  2. When you wash your hair, make sure your scalp is cleaned thoroughly, getting rid of any product build up, remember a clean scalp is a happy scalp
  3. Avoid styling that requires excessive heat or tension. This can stress the follicles.
  4. Stimulate the circulation in your scalp through a few minutes of gentle massage daily (do not rub the scalp but rather move it beneath your fingers), your follicles will thank you!
  5. Natural coconut oil or jojoba oil are great for hydrating the scalp whilst fighting off dandruff and stimulating hair growth.




We all have it, so it’s a question of getting it under control


  1. Stress is a huge factor in hair loss. Getting physical activity daily is known to reduce stress, combine practices like yoga into your work out schedules.
  2. Take at least 5 minutes of your time every day to meditate, even though meditation takes some practice, the benefits are amazing for controlling stress.
  3. Avoid overuse of stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, nicotine…
  4. Practice simple deep breathing exercises throughout the day (10 counts inhale, 10 counts exhale)



Even if you check the box of being one of those rare human beings who actually, honestly consumes a healthy diet, there are certain nutrients that can only be ingested through supplementation. Then there are other vitamins and minerals that need to be increased in quantity in order to strengthen and stimulate your follicles.


  1. Your hair is made up of amino acids. Certain amino acids are not found in food sources so need to be supplemented. Take a supplement that contains all 18 amino acids necessary for healthy hair growth and maintenance together with the correct balance of vitamins and minerals, such as KeraHealth Hair.
  2. We know that antioxidants can be found in many fruits and vegetables, which is great. But these antioxidants are not “primary”, meaning they only reply to certain oxidative stresses, not to all. The SOD found in KeraHealth Hair, is a “Primary” anti-oxidant that acts against all forms of oxidative stress that are instrumental in causing hair loss. In addition to this, it is thought that SOD can also help reduce cell inflammation and aging.
  3. In order to strengthen your follicles and grow healthy hair that will maintain, you need to boost your body’s natural reserves of vitamins (mostly B vitamins), minerals (zinc and copper) and amino acids, whatever your hair loss may have be caused by. KeraHealth Hair will provide all the essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants needed to grow back healthy hair.


So now you know what you need for fabulous hair!

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