14 Hair-Growth Supplements for Women Over 50

KeraHealth Featured in Women’s World New Article 14 Hair Growth Supplements for Women over50

Women’s World have featured KeraHealth Hair Supplements in their most recent article concerning supplements for middle aged women! They illustrate the fact that the supplements are packed with amazing nutrients needed for strong healthy hair. They also mention that KeraHealth supplements are unique in that they contain keratin in a highly absorbable form, unlike other supplements.

At KeraHealth we saw a gap in the market for supplements that really do work for women of all hair types. We came up with a clinically proven formula that works to combat hair loss caused by a multitude of things, but especially in women entering perimenopause and menopause, as that is the most common age in which women begin to notice hair loss.

KeraHealth Supplements

Here at KeraHealth we have developed some of the most effective hair supplements for women over 50! As you age, unfortunately your hair does begin to thin out. As women begin to enter into perimenopause and menopause, the two hormones progesterone and oestrogen begin to reduce in your body, and given that they both play a major role in your hair growth cycle, your hair begins to thin out.

Luckily, however KeraHealth supplements work to fight against hair loss by ensuring that your body gets the right nutrients that it needs in order to keep your hair and body healthy. The nutrients in the supplements work together to stimulate new hair growth from the follicles while also keeping the hair that you already have nourished and healthy.

What Ingredients do the Supplements Contain?

Some of the great ingredients KeraHealth contains are

  • - Biotin
  • - Keratin
  • - Vitamin B6
  • - Niacin
  • - Superoxide dismutase
  • - Copper
  • - Zinc

These ingredients all work together to stimulate new hair follicle production and to thicken hair. They also work to increase your hair volume and shine while reducing hair loss! They also give your skin and nails the important nutrients that they need to grow too. Even though deciding to embark on a hair rejuvenation journey does take time and patience, once you commit to it and start seeing results, you’ll be hooked and you confidence will sky rocket!

Overall, KeraHealth supplements are clinically proven to wkr, and our customers clearly think they do too! Why don’t you start your KeraHealth hair rejuvenation journey with us today? Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!