17 Products to Try When Your Goal is Longer, Stronger Hair

We, at KeraHealth, Were Recently in Byrdie’s Article ‘17 Hair Products to Try when Your Goal is Longer, Stronger Hair’

Are you looking for long, strong, luscious locks? Well, as Byride has already told you, we at KeraHealth have the solution! The formula we have developed is clinically proven to work and contains lots of amazing ingredients that all work together to fight hair loss and increase hair growth. Although rejuvenating your hair takes time, if you commit to taking our supplements for three months or longer, you will definitely notice a massive difference and improvement in your hair!

What are Some of the Amazing Ingredients in Our Supplement?

The first one of our amazing ingredients that we decided to include with our supplement is keratin, but in a form that is absorbable by the body! Most supplements on the market do contain keratin but not in a form that the body can’t actually use. Here at KeraHealth, we have developed patented technology that works to break the chain of keratin into small enough pieces for the body to absorb.

We then also included biotin in our supplement. Biotin works to stimulate the production of keratin in the body. As we age, unfortunately our body slowly stops producing keratin. In order to ensure that your hair remains healthy as you age, you need to ensure that you’re both taking in enough keratin from outside sources, and you have enough biotin to keep your body producing keratin too.

We also decided to include lots of B complex vitamins because they’re amazing for your hair, skin and nails. We included vitamin B6 as it works to ensure that your hair follicles get enough nutrients and enough protein to build the hair shaft. We then decided to include vitamin B3 (otherwise known as niacin) as it works to help get your hair follicles enough blood and nutrients. Then, we also included vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) that works to help manage your stress and stop your body from internalising any stress that you may be experiencing at work or at home. All B complex vitamins work together to help with hair growth and to reduce hair loss.

Overall, all the ingredients in our supplements work together in our supplements to reduce hair loss and stimulate hair growth. They are clinically proven to work and if you commit to taking them for a while then you will see your hair get shinier, longer, and experience less hair loss. Why not start your hair regrowth journey with KeraHealth today?