18 Dubai life hacks by the women who know it best

We have Just Been Featured by Grazia Arabia in Their New Article ‘18 Dubai Life Hacks by the Women Who Know It Best’!

As we all know, there are hundreds of small secret spots in Dubai! Our founder, Fay Afghahi, knows all about them! She also knows the secret to hair care! After suffering from hair loss for many years, she decided to take matters into her own hands and develop a solution that really works for women of all hair types suffering from hair loss!

KeraHealth Hair is packed full of amazing nutrients that you can’t find in any other supplement. We have developed a clinically tested formula that is proven to stimulate hair growth and reduce any hair loss that you might be suffering from. Just like she sought out all the best places in Dubai, Fay traveled to the south of France to figure out the secret to hair loss! There, she found the perfect formula that works for hair growth!

Fay found that keratin is something super important for ensuring that your hair can grow long and strong. But she also found that most supplements that contain keratin contain it in a form that is not absorbable by the body. So she created a patented technology that works to break the strand of keratin into individual amino acids that can then be processed by the body. This technology is the secret to KeraHealth’s effectiveness.

The supplements also include other amazing ingredients like biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid, copper, zinc and vitamin B3. All of these amazing ingredients work together to stimulate hair growth and minimise hair loss. They work to add volume and shine to your hair at the same time. They are also clinically proven to work. Even though working on your hair is a commitment, and definitely takes time, after three months, trust us you’ll see a massive improvement in hair loss, shine, volume, and length!

Overall, the scientists in the south of France, as well as Fay Afghai, sought out the most important ingredients necessary for your hair, and put them in a pill. Just like the secret spots in Dubai, they may have been tricky to find, but once they are found, they can really change your life. If you are suffering from hair loss, and you can’t figure out why, try our supplements today! Trust us, you won’t regret it any time soon!