Bridal beauty arsenal

KeraHealth Supplements Were Recently Featured in A&E Magazine, and Named One of the Most important components to your Bridal Beauty Arsenal

Are you a bride to be? Do you want long luscious locks flowing down your back at your wedding? Unsure how to get them? Well, we’re here to help! KeraHealth is the solution for you and if you give it three months to work before your big day, you will have fab hair for your fab day!

The KeraHealth Hair supplements work over the course of one to three months to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. You should really start to see a reduction in the amount of hair that you are losing in the first month. Then, after the second month you should start seeing lots of baby hairs start appearing near your hairline, and your hair will quickly start feeling a lot thicker. Finally, as you get to the third month, your hair will come full circle! It will not only look and feel suller, it will become shiner and longer too.

So, you ask, what are the amazing nutrients that we have included in this supplement that work to give your hair the boost that it needs? Well, our secret ingredient is keratin - but in a form that is absorbable by the body! A lot of supplements on the market claim to contain keratin, but it is actually in a form that is not absorbable by the body, making it fairly useless. Our supplement also contains biotin which is key for stimulating the production of keratin in the body.

We decided to put zinc, copper, and other b complex vitamins like niacin and pantothenic acid. These vitamins and minerals all work together to keep your hair healthy. Zinc keeps your oil glands working properly, while copper works to keep your tissues healthy. Niacin works to repair your hair from any damage that may be caused by your environment, while pantothenic acid helps to regulate your stress and it stops your body from internalising it and allowing it to cause premature greying and hair loss.

So, if you’re a bride to be, why not try the KeraHealth hair supplements for amazing hair for your amazing big day! It will help with hair growth and hair strength and whatever hairstyle you choose for your wedding! If you’re a bride to be, try KeraHealth today, and we promise you, you won’t regret it!