KeraHealth featured on Coco Eco

KeraHealth Have Just Been Featured By Coco Eco in Their New Article Considering ‘Fabulous Fall Hair’!

Is it nearly winter where you are? Are you suffering from hair thinning or hair loss? Well, we might have the solution for you! When the weather changes, your hair and skin don’t generally like it… You might notice your hair becomes more brittle and a lot dryer, making it prone to breaking. You might also notice that your scalp becomes dry and slightly itchy with the change in the weather. Never fear, however, KeraHealth is here!

Our Amazing Formula!

Here, at KeraHealth, we have developed an amazing formula that will cater to all of your hair’s needs! It is packed with vitamins and minerals that all work together to stimulate hair growth and MAJORLY reduce hair loss!

Our clinically proven formula contains amazing ingredients that really do work! We pumped 3 different kinds of B complex vitamins into our supplement, as they are known for stimulating hair growth and really reducing hair loss! We included vitamin B6 as it helps to make sure that your hair follicles have access to enough protein to build the hair shaft and keep your hair strong and long! We also included niacin (also known as vitamin B3) which helps to distribute energy throughout your body and cells, ensuring that your hair follicles are getting the right amount of nutrients that they need in order to grow. We included pantothenic acid (also known as vitamin B5) which helps the body to regulate your stress levels. It also helps to reduce the amount of free radicals your body has, which prevents premature aging, hair loss, and greying!

Two other amazing ingredients we included in our product are biotin and keratin. As most of you probably know, keratin is a protein that predominantly makes up the hair shaft. As we age, the amount of keratin our body makes slowly reduces. Biotin, another b complex vitamin, is responsible for stimulating it’s production. It is therefore really important that you are getting enough biotin so that your body keeps producing keratin and your hair stays healthy. We also included keratin in our supplement, because as aforementioned the amount of keratin the body produces reduces as we age. It is therefore key that you are getting enough keratin from an outside source to supplement the body’s natural keratin levels.

Start Your Hair Care Journey With KeraHealth Today!

Overall, we have created a product that really does work to improve your hair! It increases hair strength and thickness, while ensuring that it remains nourished and moisturized! Overall, KeraHealth will give you that amazing, thick fall hair!