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We, at KeraHealth, Have Just Been Featured in Beauty Discuss!

We, at KeraHealth, have developed an amazing supplement that works to fight against hair loss and it actually stimulates hair growth. Just as Beauty Discuss says, KeraHealth contains all natural, drug free, clean ingredients. The compilation of ingredients within the supplements are amazing for hydrating, lengthening, and strengthening your hair!

What Ingredients Are Included in KeraHealth?

There are lots of different ingredients in KeraHealth supplements that all work to fight hair loss. Our key ingredient is keratin, but in a form that is absorbable by the body. It works to ensure that your hair has the right ingredients that it needs in order to grow long and strong. We also included biotin in the KeraHealth supplement as it helps to stimulate keratin production in your hair. Ensuring that you are getting enough keratin and biotin in your diet means that your hair has the right nutrients that it needs to thrive!

We also decided to include vitamin B6 in our supplements as it ensures that your hair follicles are getting enough protein in order for it to grow. The other B complex vitamins that we decided to include in our supplements were niacin (vitamin B3) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) which also work wonders for your hair. Niacin works to ensure that your hair is getting enough protein for your hair follicle to grow, and pantothenic acid works as an antioxidant too which is great for managing how your body deals with stress.

If you are struggling with thinning hair and you’re not 100% sure why, our supplements could be the answer to all your hair struggles and worries! Our supplements are clinically proven to work! After the first month of using our supplements, you’ll notice that a lot less of your hair is falling out. Then, after the second month of using our products, you’ll really start to see lots of tiny baby hairs coming in, thickening up your hair. Finally, after month number 3, you’ll really start to feel a difference in the texture of your hair. It’ll start feeling a lot smoother and less course, while also feeling thicker and healthier generally!

Start Your Hair Care Journey Today!

If you are experiencing hair loss, why not start your hair care journey with KeraHealth today? Our clinically proven formula will do all the heavy lifting - you just need to take two of our supplements every day!