Kerahealth Launches New Care Range

We, at KeraHealth, Have Just Been Featured by Cision in Their New Article ‘KeraHealth Launches New Care Range to Help 14.5 Million People in the UK Suffering From Hair Loss Naturally’!

As a lot of people don't actually know, hair loss is something that affects most women around the world once they hit 50! Whether it be menopause, or the aging process, most women start losing hair as they age. The two hormones, progesterone and oestrogen, play a huge role in the hair growth cycle but as they start to decrease with age, your hair also starts to thin out.

How do KeraHealth Supplements Combat Hair Loss?

KeraHealth Supplements are natural, clean, and completely bioavailable meaning that they can be completely absorbed by the body. They are also packed full of amazing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that all work to stimulate hair growth and reduce hair loss. Some of the amazing nutrients that are included in the supplement are as follows:

  • - Keratin
    • - Which is the protein that predominantly makes up the hair shaft. As we age, keratin production reduces and so taking it in from an outside source is key.
  • - Biotin
    • - Which is amazing as it stimulates keratin production in your body as you age. By combining biotin and keratin and ensuring that your body is getting enough of both of them you really give your hair the best chance at growing long and strong.
  • - Niacin
    • - Niacin, also known at vitamin B3, is fab for hair care as it helps you get enough nutrients for your hair.
  • - Pantothenic acid
    • - Pantothenic acid, also known as vitamin B5, is amazing for your hair as it is an antioxidant and it works to help manage your stress levels.
  • - Vitamin B6
    • - Vitamin B6 works to ensure that your hair follicles have access to enough protein in order for them to grow.
  • - Copper
    • - Copper works to keep your tissues healthy and to repair any damage caused to your hair by your environment or heat you use on your hair.
  • - Zinc
    • - Zinc keeps your oil glands healthy and to ensure that your scalp is producing the right amount of sebum - which is an oily substance that is secreted by your scalp.

Try KeraHealth!

Try KeraHealth supplements supplements today if you want long luscious locks that are strong and healthy! Just take two supplements everyday with your coffee or your breakfast, and watch them work their magic!