Meet the new product promising to combat hair fall in the UAE

KeraHealth Was Recently Featured By Buro in their Newest Article Meet The New Product Promising to Combat Hair Fall in the UAE!

Buro’s newest article discusses how hair loss among women - especially in the UAE - is something that is very common. We, at KeraHealth, saw this issue, and decided to do something about it! The brains behind KeraHealth, Fay Afghahi, has lived in the UAE for years and has suffered from hair loss her entire life. When she couldn’t find a product that worked for her, she took matters into her own hands and created a product that fought hair loss effectively.

How Does KeraHealth Work?

With their host of amazing ingredients, KeraHealth Hair supplements work to fight against hair loss and are effective in doing so! So let's discuss some of these ingredients!

First up, we have keratin. A lot of supplements on the market contain keratin in a form that is not absorbable by the body. KeraHealth supplements, however, contain keratin in a form that is 96% absorbable by the body.

KeraHealth Hair also contains biotin which is really important for stimulating the production of keratin in your body. Given that your body slowly stops producing keratin as you age, ensuring that you’re both getting enough keratin from another source and you are getting enough biotin so that your body also keeps producing keratin even as you age.

Another two amazing ingredients that KeraHealth contains are niacin (vitamin B3) and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). Pantothenic acid is great for keeping your hair healthy and for repairing any damage that has been done to it from excessive heat. Niacin is amazing for hair growth and hair health. They both work together to keep your hair fresh thick, voluminous and healthy

Two of the other great ingredients that the supplements include are zinc and copper. Zinc keeps your oil glands in check and ensures that they are working properly. Copper works to keep your tissues in check and keep your hair generally healthy. Both of these supplements are amazing for your hair’s health and making sure you get enough of them in your diet is key!

Start Your KeraHealth Journey Today!

Overall, KeraHealth supplements are amazing for your hair and will give you your luscious locks back like never before!If you want amazing hair, why not start your journey with KeraHealth Hair supplements today? Trust us, commit to us for 3 months, you we promise you, you won’t regret it!