Meet The Top Entrepreneurs Who Are Making A Difference

Our Founder Fay Afghahi Has Recently Been Featured in Yahoo’s ‘Top Entrepreneurs Who Are Making A Difference in Their Industries’!

The beauty and brains behind KeraHealth, Fay Afghahi, has recently been featured as one of yahoo’s top entrepreneurs who is making a difference in the hair industry! As some of you might already know, Fay suffered with hair loss for many years which took her to the south of France to work with a team of scientists and develop a formula that works to combat hair loss. After many years of trying to find a product that would actually help her, she was fed up and took matters into her own hands and succeeded!

While working with these scientists, Fay realised that most hair vitamins or supplements contain keratin, but not in a form that is absorbable by the body. So, she decided to change that when it comes to KeraHealth. She developed patented technology that is able to break down the chain of keratin into small enough pieces for the body to absorb. This means that unlike most supplements, the keratin in KeraHealth Hair supplements is 95% absorbable.

We also found that some other really important ingredients to put into our KeraHealth Hair supplements were biotin, vitamin B6, niacin, pantothenic acid, superoxide dismutase, copper and zinc. All of these ingredients work together to fight hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Some work to ensure that your hair follicle is getting enough nutrients and oxygen, others work to keep your oil glands functioning properly. Biotin ensures that your body continues to produce keratin as you age and copper keeps your tissues healthy and functioning. Superoxide dismutase is an amazing antioxidant that works to reduce the number of free radicals in your body, which can cause premature aging, greying, and hair loss.

If you are suffering from hair loss and are noticing a huge amount of hair in your brush, on your floor, or in the shower, take action! Try KeraHealth supplements that work to combat hair loss and stimulate hair growth! Over the first month, you’ll notice a massive reduction in hair loss. Then, over the second month you’ll see that the texture of your hair majorly improves and lots of baby hairs will start to grow in. Finally, over the course of the third month you’ll notice that your hair has grown quite a lot, is feeling thicker, stronger and healthier overall! Try the supplements for 3-6 months and trust us you won’t be disappointed!