We have Recorded a PodCast Episode with Digitally Overwhelmed Concerning Why our Founders, Fay and Ali, Decided to Make KeraHealth!

The beauty and brains behind the brand, KeraHealth, has suffered with hair loss her entire life. As the editor in chief of Elle Arabia, Fay had access to all sorts of products that all promised to treat her hair loss. None of them, however, seemed to do much good. As she got older and the problem became worse, she decided to branch out and find a solution to hair loss that would actually work!

Fay’s search took her to the south of France where she worked with a group of scientists to figure out the secret to hair loss. There, she found that most supplements that contain keratin contain it in a form that is not absorbable. So, she worked with them to create a patented technology that works to break the chain of keratin down into small enough pieces to be absorbed by the body. She also found that biotin is an amazing ingredient that stimulates the production of keratin in the body. Considering that keratin production reduces as you age, biotin is super important in ensuring that your body keeps producing keratin as you get older and your hair stays in good shape.

They then also decided to add other vitamins and minerals to the formula that also promote hair growth and really do work to reduce hair loss. Some of these vitamins that they decided to include were vitamin B6 which is incredible for making sure that your hair follicles are getting enough nutrients - especially protein. They then added niacin which helps with circulation and pantothenic acid which works as an antioxidant and helps you manage stress from causing premature aging and hair loss.

These ingredients all work together to fight hair loss and stimulate new growth. After the first month of taking them, you will notice your hair looking shinier and a lot less limp and overly greasy. Then, after the second month you will notice a lot more baby hairs beginning to grow in and your hair will start feeling a lot thicker and healthier overall. Finally, after the third month you will see your hair come full circle! It’ll look and feel so much healthier and the texture will improve as well! Why not start your hair growth journey with us at KeraHealth today? Trust us, you won’t regret it!