KeraHealth Have Recently Been Featured on the Darriel Roy Show!

The beauty and brains behind KeraHealth Hair supplements, Fay Afghahi, was recently interviewed by the amazing Darriel Roy! They discussed all things hair and the foundations of KeraHealth!

Fay explains that she has suffered from hair loss for her whole life and that she really only felt as though her hair and skin looked and felt its best after she had been on retreats where they gave you vitamins and supplements that revitalise your skin and hair. This realisation took her to the south of France to work with a team of scientists on creating a formula that actually works to revitalise your hair and stimulate hair growth.

Once there, Fay realised that most supplements had keratin in them, but in a form that wasn’t absorbable by the body. She went on to design patented technology that breaks down keratin into small enough pieces so that the body can absorb it, making the keratin found in KeraHealth Hair supplements 95% absorbable by the body, as opposed to being 6-20% absorbable like other supplements.

Fay also found that B complex vitamins were really really important for hair growth. She therefore decided to include niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), biotin (vitamin B7) and vitamin B6 in the KeraHealth supplements! Niacin stimulates circulation and the metabolism of nutrients for your follicle. Further, Pantothenic acid helps with circulation and ensures that your hair follicle gets enough oxygen. It also helps to manage your stress levels, reduces the chances of premature hair loss. Biotin - as you have probably heard - is key for stimulating the production of keratin in your hair. Finally, vitamin B6 works to make sure that your hair follicles have access to the right amino acids in order to grow long and strong.

Fay decided to include superoxide dismutase, copper, and zinc along with the b complex vitamins as they are also key for hair growth. Superoxide dismutase is an incredible antioxidant that stops your from internalising stress that you face on a day to day basis, reducing premature aging, greying, and hair loss. Copper works to keep your tissues healthy and all of your metabolic processes functioning properly, keeping your hair healthy and strong. Finally, zinc works to maintain and control the production of sebum, which is an oily substance produced by glands on your scalp that works to keep your hair moisturized and nourished.

Overall, KeraHealth is an amazing solution for anyone who is facing hair loss! Try KeraHealth today, and we promise you, you won’t be disappointed!