This is how you can maintain the health of your hair and prevent breakage

KeraHealth Were Just Featured in Marie Claire’s Article on How To Keep Your Hair Healthy!

Suffering from Hair Loss?

Are you suffering from hair loss? Unsure what to do about it? Well, like Marie Claire has said, we at KeraHealth can help you! Hair loss can be caused by anything - menopause, an underlying condition, certain medications, or just the aging process. Obviously hair loss can be a scary thing for any woman to have to experience, but that’s why our founder Fay Afghahi went out of her way to create the hair loss supplement that works for women of all hair types.

How Can KeraHealth Supplements Help?

KeraHealth Hair supplements work to make sure that your hair is getting all the right nutrients that it needs in order to grow and thrive. It contains clean, drug free, and all natural ingredients that are all bioavailable. Well, you ask, what makes it different from any other supplement on the market? Well, it contains keratin in a form that is actually absorbable by the body. I know what you're thinking - other supplements contain keratin too, don’t they? Yes, yes they do but most of the time it is in a form that is not absorbable by the body. With our patented technology, we have managed to break down the chain of protein into individual amino acids which are each independently then absorbed by the body and used in terms of hair growth.

We also decided to include a host of other nutrients that are amazing for supporting your hair growth. We included biotin in the supplement as it actually helps the body continue to produce keratin as you age. We also decided to incorporate pantothenic acid into our supplement as it helps reduce stress levels and controls how your body internalises it. It reduces premature aging and greying. We also included niacin in our supplement as it helps with circulation and this ensures that your hair follicles are getting enough nutrients and the right amount of oxygen. We know that copper and zinc are also really important for hair growth and so we included them both in our supplements too. They work to keep your tissues healthy and keep your hair glands healthy and functioning properly.

Overall, keeping your skin, nails, and hair healthy is incredibly important. If you are suffering from hair loss and want to rejuvenate your hair, why not give KeraHealth a go and trust us you won’t regret it!