Tried & Tested: This Hair Growth Supplement Really Works

Fay Afghahi, the brains and beauty behind KeraHealth, was Recently Interviewed by Harper's Bazaar Arabia!

The founder of KeraHealth, Fay Afghahi, is someone who has suffered with hair loss her entire life. As the previous editor of a massive magazine, she had the ability to try out hundreds of different products. However, she found that nothing really seemed to work. That is when she decided that this was an issue that she wanted to find a solution to. Her journey took her to the south of France, where she worked with a team of scientists to come up with a formula - which has now been clinically tested and proven to work.

When creating this formula, Fay found that there were certain vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that were absolutely essential for boosting hair growth and reducing hair loss. Some of these nutrients are as follows:

  • - Keratin
    • - Keratin is a protein that predominantly makes up the hair strand. Considering that your body slowly stop producing it as you age, it is really important to be taking it in from another source!
  • - Biotin
    • - Biotin is a b complex vitamin that stimulates the production of keratin in the body, so making sure your body is full of it is key to ensure keratin production!
  • - Superoxide dismutase
    • - SOD is an antioxidant that stops your body from internalising any stress that you might be dealing with. Considering stress can cause premature aging, greying, and hair loss, it is key for your hair!
  • - Copper
    • - Copper is an amazing nutrient that works to keep your circulation in check and it also stimulates the growth of a new hair from your hair follicle!
  • - Zinc
    • - Zinc helps to regulate the production of sebum (an oily substance produced by the glands on your scalp) that helps tp keep your hair follicles moisturised and nourished!
  • - Vitamin B6
    • - Vitamin B6 works to help your body metabolize proteins which is super important for the growth of a new hair strand - especially because your hair is predominantly made from the protein keratin!
  • - Pantothenic acid
    • - Pantotheic acid - also known as vitamin B5 - is key for regulating stress levels in your body. As stress can cause premature hair loss, it is key for reducing hair loss!
  • - Niacin
    • - Niacin - also known as vitamin B3 - is key for circulation and bringing nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. It is therefore essential for your hair!

Why not start your hair care journey with KeraHealth today? Trust us, you’ll thank us!