Is My Hair Healthy Enough to Bleach?

How Does Bleach Work?

If you want to change the colour of your hair, oftentimes, you have to bleach it first. In order for colour to take, your hair needs to be light enough for the dye to take effect. Bleach works to break down the melanin in your hair and therefore remove the it’s colour and lighten it. Bleach generally makes the hair turn a light yellow/sometimes orangey colour. This process, however, can be very damaging to your hair. In order to make sure your hair doesn’t begin to break or fall out after having bleached it, it is important to make sure you have thick, strong and daily undamaged hair to begin with.

How Does Bleach Affect Your Hair?

Bleach breaks down different proteins and melanin in your hair, and it therefore weakens the hair strand. Considering bleach affects the literal chemical makeup of your hair, it really can damage it if it isn’t done by a professional. It can also cause a lot of frizziness and a huge change in the texture of your hair. But, if you take care of your hair properly before and after it has been dyed, you can maintain your hair’s health and maintain its colour. Products that deeply condition and stimulate hair growth are amazing for keeping your hair healthy before and after it has been bleached. The formula developed by KeraHealth helps to improve the texture, volume and shine of your hair, and really helps to keep it deeply conditioned and full of nutrients that it needs to remain healthy. 

How Can You Tell if Your Hair is Healthy Enough to Bleach? 

Before you bleach your hair, you need to ensure that your hair is healthy or otherwise you run the risk of extreme hair loss and breakage – and no one wants that! In order to make sure that your hair is healthy enough to bleach, you should make sure that you are not already experiencing hair loss and that your hair is fairly thick. You should also make sure that your hair is not already quite damaged by previous bleaching or sun damage. You should also make sure that you go and get your hair treated by a professional, as they know how much bleach to use on your hair what hair that can bleach looks like. Over bleaching is damaging and can cause chunks of your hair to break off. 


If your Hair isn’t Healthy Enough to Bleach What Should You Do?

If you find that you are already experiencing hair loss or you have hair that is already quite damaged and brittle, it might not be the best idea to put bleach on your already damaged hair. In order to get your hair to a stage at which you can confidently bleach it, you should try the KeraHealth hair recovery plan. They have developed a formula that works to stimulate hair growth, shine, volume and thickness. 

Using the Hair Follicle Hero shampoo and conditioner works to coat your hair in nutrients that are then absorbed by the scalp. It also works to repair each individual hair strand, while strengthening them and stimulating hair growth. It contains nutrients like: 

  • SOD
  • Keratin – in a form that is absorbable by the body
  • Biotin 
  • Aloe Vera
  • Coconut oil 
  • Jojoba oil 


All of these ingredients work to really moisturise your hair and get it back to its healthiest form and natural state! 

Another product that they have produced is the Follicle Hero Hair supplement. These hair growth supplements are packed with nutrients and work to strengthen your hair from the inside out. The nutrients not only boost your hair health, but they also work to boost your immune system – which is something that we all need at the moment. Some of the key ingredients they contain are: 

  • Keratin – again, in a form that is absorbable by the body
  • SOD 
  • Nicain 
  • Vitamin B6 
  • Pantotheic Acid
  • Zinc 
  • Copper


These work to stimulate hair growth, circulation, and hair thickness and shine. Overall, they are clinically proven to get your hair back on track! 

The Follicle Hero Grow Strong serum also works to coat your hair in a protective barrier that helps to repair and rejuvenate your hair. It is amazing for conditioning your hair and for protecting it from any heat damage. It also contains Polyquatermium 10 which is known for repair damage done to the hair and for repairing split ends. Some of the other amazing ingredients it contains are

  • Sea water
  • Orange flower water
  • Calendula water
  • Polyquaternium 7
  • Keratin 
  • Pullilan
  • Mentyl lactate
  • Acequart 


All of these ingredients are amazing for your hair and really work to make it a lot softer and shiner. They also give it a health kick and help get it to a stage where you can put bleach on it. 

Another amazing tool KeraHealth have develop is the Scalp Energiser. You can use it with either the conditioner or the hair serum and massage the product into your scalp. Not only does it manage to stimulate blood flow to your follicles, increasing the nutrients they get and therefore the rate of your hair growth, but it also helps the scalp absorb more product. It also works to stimulate your oil glands which helps to regulate the amount of oil they produce for your hair. 


How to Keep Your Hair Healthy After Bleaching it? 

After using these products to get your hair to a point at which it is healthy enough to get bleached, you should keep using them, as they help to ensure that the hair remains healthy and strong and you can bleach it in the future. You should also ensure that you regularaly get it cut and you can also avail of different treatments that really work to deeply condition your hair at the hair dressers.


KeraHealth also just released Follicle Hero Hair Reform Overnight Restructuring Hair & Scalp Mask that they recommend using before and after hair bleaching, as it really works to infiltrate the hair strand and deeply conditioner and thicken the hair.


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