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Even if hair health isn’t a concern for you now, don’t let it become a concern in the future. By making sure you nourish your body with the correct vitamins, minerals and amino acids you can keep your hair follicles strong and active. KeraHealth Hair Men and KeraHealth Hair women contain the optimal formulas of exclusive ingredient KerCysteine, together with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that enable your hair to grow strong and long.

Why is KerCysteine important?

Every strand of hair on your head is made up of over 90% of keratin, so in order to maintain healthy hair and follicles, you must maintain your levels of keratin. KerCysteine is a naturally sourced, clinically tested form of keratin that has been made ingestible by the body through a proprietary patented technology process. Absorbability is a very important factor when choosing a supplement, many products on the market are simple, not absorbable by the body and instead are washed out. KeraHealth Hair has an almost 100% absorbability rate.

Clinical Studies?

Make sure any supplement that you take has undergone clinical studies, not only to prove their effectiveness but also their safety. Our clinical studies show that our active ingredients reduce hair loss in 92% of our test participants in the first month of use and in 100% of participants by the third month of use – impressive right? Also, our formulas are entirely drug-free and have zero side effects.

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