Men’s November Look

Wish List Men:

Button-Front beige sweater, GAP. Max slim-fit jeans, Acne Studios. Cotton baseball cap, Balenciaga. Metropolitan soft flap messenger bag, Coach. Round framed sunglasses, Cutler & Gross. White leather sneakers, Tom Ford.

This month, we have designed a wintery (but still stylish) look for you all men out there! We started off simply with a pair of jeans from Acne Studios – they’re not too baggy and not too skinny which we love! We paired them with a beige sweater that is from Gap. It is stylish and will keep you warm on a cold wintery day! We then decided on some white sneakers to round out the look from Tom Ford. To add a bit of class, we decided on adding the coach soft flap messenger bag to the look – it’s great for carrying your wallet, phone, and anything else you might need! We added the green Balenciaga cap and round framed sunglasses from Cutler & Gross to put the outfit together!

We know that this outfit might not suit every occasion, so we have a few tips and tricks for either dressing it up or down! If you need something that is a bit more dressy, try changing the sweater to a shirt and adding a trench coat style kind of jacket. You might also want to lose the cap and the sunglasses and try some dress shoes! If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, try losing the sunglasses and the coach bag!

Your clothes express your personality, style, fashion sense, and oftentimes mood! If you need to change aspects of this look to suit you and your style better, then do so! You need to make sure that what you wear expresses you! Feeling confident in what you wear translates into confidence in yourself which is what we all need!

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