The Healthiest Way to Combat Hair Loss

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Hair loss is a battle that comes with age, diet and even genes. Specific foods in your diet could be one of the main causes that hair loss is occurring. Therefore, there is ever-increasing research on the healthiest ways to combat such hair loss.Hair needs a rich diet containing as many vitamins and minerals as possible, notably vitamin C, biotin, niacin, iron and zinc. Even supplementing said vitamins could be an extremely beneficial catalyst for hair growth. Cysteine is argued to be the most influential amino acid for hair growth, and this is where KerCysteine comes into account. KerCysteine is an ingredient within KeraHealth products. Essentially, it is a highly bioavailable form of naturally sourced keratin. The main impact of this ingredient is its ability to promote hair growth dramatically and significantly reduce the factors which cause hair loss.Another way to combat hair loss is through natural stress relievers. Stress is one of the most common causes of hair fallout in the modern day which can be reduced naturally.Exercise releases endorphins which react with receptors in the brain, promoting a positive feeling throughout the body, therefore making exercise a brilliant natural stress-reliever. Alongside this, meditation can have extreme benefits.Relaxing for even five minutes a day and participating in a yoga class, for example, could be a huge factor in determining one’s rate of hair loss. Adaptogens are also used for reducing stress levels, specifically antioxidant stress adaptogens which are seen as healthy supplements that are taken in order to promote hair gain.However, one of the healthiest ways to combat hair loss is to use naturally based supplements. KeraHealth products are drug-free, clinically tested and naturally sourced. The vitamin formulas include B3, B5, B6 and Biotin, all of which are scientifically proven to have positive impacts on hair growth, retention and quality. Not only this, but these ingredients also promote strength and growth of healthy skin and nails.KeraHealth products also contain super-antioxidants, being beneficial beyond the body as a whole, coming all the way down to the anti-ageing at a cellular level. 

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