Why am I losing hair?

The question that everyone stresses over

Did you know that most people lose between 40 and 200 strands of hair in a day. This may sound like alot but when you maintain a healthy hair cycle as some hair falls, new hair also grows. The problem occurs when this cycle is disrupted and the hair fall phase is longer than the hair growth phase.

Solve hair loss by treating the causes:

Lack of keratin

The structure of each strand of hair requires adequate amounts of the right amino acids, to maintain its health. cysteine being the most important one.

KeraHealth Men and Women contain the exclusive ingredient, KerCysteine which is a highly absorbable form of keratin that is fundamental in the fight against hair loss and also for stimulating hair growth.

Lack of vitamins and minerals

Apart from Keratin its important that you ingest the correct amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain a healthy balance in the body. KeraHealth Men and Women both contain an optimal combination of vitamins and minerals that together with the KerCysteine ensure the perfect hair care formula.

Oxidative Stress

If allowed to build up, oxidative stress can have severe consequences in the body, hair loss being the most significant one.

A powerful antioxidant, such as PhytoPin, found in KeraHealth hair care supplements. Whilst KeraHealth Women contains SOD a super-antioxidant ingredient sourced from melons found only in the south of France.


In the cases of male hair loss, this is often related to the male hormone DHT. KeraHealth Men contains a powerful DHT blocker that increases blood circulation in the scalp, stimulating the follicle to optimal hair health. KeraHealth supplements are DRUG FREE!

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