Why is my hair breaking?

hair breaking

Unfortunately we don’t take as good care of our hair as we should, and hair breakage is a traumatic problem that affects people across the world. Hair breakage and hair thinning is a direct result of bad hair health, a problem that needs to be tackled from the cause.

Lack of keratin: Hair is composed nearly entirely of keratin. This keratin diminishes over time it is important to replenish and maintain the stocks of keratin. One issue with ingesting keratin is that the majority of keratin supplements on the market are synthetic (opposed to natural) and cannot be absorbed by the body. I found a nutraceutical hair care supplement on the market, KeraHealth that contains a patented technology ingredient KerCysteine that is basically a naturally sourced, highly absorbable form of keratin. This nourishes the hair follicles from within, fortifying the hair leading to a dramatic reduction in breakage.

A dehydrated scalp: Overusing cosmetics and frequently heat-styling your hair can result in a dehydrated, under-nourished scalp, another determinant behind poor hair quality.

A poor diet: Nutrient deficiencies can have a detrimental effect on hair quality. Besides proteins, in order to be health the hair follicle and structure needs micronutrients such as Vitamin C, B vitamins, zinc and iron that are all necessary to build strong hair  and also have a great effect on skin and nails.

Oxidative Stress: When you are stressed or tired, and when hair is subjected to agressions from the external environment this causes the hair to become weak and brittle. It is important to combat this stress using anti-oxidants. KeraHealth Men and Women both contain powerful antioxidant that are effective in the combat against free radicals.

In order to combat the actual causes of hair breakage and damage, taking vitamins and supplements are key to treat the problem from its root. When looking for a supplement make sure they are drug free, contain naturally sourced ingredients that have been clinically tested – our favourite? KeraHealth Men and KeraHealth Women.

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