Fay, The Founder Of Kerahealth

When I started KeraHealth, I was lucky enough to be able to transform my passion and belief in intelligent supplementation into a project creating nutraceutical supplements for beauty and wellness purposes. For years I had searched for effective, drug free solutions for hair health which motivated the choice of our first product launch KeraHealth Hair. The response we have received from our community has been so overwhelmingly positive that I knew we simply couldn’t just stop there.

These past couple of years, together with our R&D, we have been working on some really exciting products that will continue to help you look good and feel great.

KeraHealth - Coming Soon

Coming soon

We will be launching 2 new categories Skin and Body that will offer products replying to beauty and wellness concerns such as anti-aging, fine lines and wrinkles, cell inflammation, skin tone and texture, sun care for the skin, circulation and cellulite to name just a few!

KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - 0G TRANS FATKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO LACTOSEKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO GLUTENKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO DRUGSKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO DAIRYKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO STEARATESKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - FRENCH INGREDIENTS

Research into product innovations and powerful ingredients is an ongoing process at KeraHealth R&D. In line with the KeraHealth Ethos, we have created products using naturally sourced, clinically tested, drug free ingredients. We have made sure that our formulations are stearate free and clean.

KeraHealth - Beauty and Wellness

Any product we create under the KeraHealth brand must also fulfil our 2 major prerequisites of Beauty and Wellness

BEAUTY: Does the product effectively reply to a beauty need, has this been clinically proven
WELLNESS: Does the product provide health benefits to the body, has this been clinically proven

Clinically testedClinically tested

Naturally sourcedNaturally sourced

We want all our products to be based on nature and science, rather than crazy marketing schemes and here-say.

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At present we are in the final stages of production and will be launching our first new products over the next couple of months.

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