My Story

I always say that the stars in the skies have shone
on me, I have been very fortunate in life.

My career has been a series of “standing in the right place at the right time” from the first job i landed in the Elizabeth Arden HQ in Geneva as Marketing Assistant to the VP of Skincare and Fragrance, who hired me because i sat next to her during the interview rather than opposite her

(due to nerves rather than intent), to landing the job at Elle Arabia in the position of Managing Editor and Editor in Chief at Elle Decoration ME (literally opportunities that were offered to me in passing conversation that obviously i grasped!). A series of happy coincidences.

However, leaving Elle Arabia, a job that i loved wasn’t a coincidence. I chose to create a company that i believed in passionately with my husband, himself a former banker, creating and producing nutraceutical supplements with cosmetic effects. So was born KeraHealth, with our first products KeraHealth Hair Men and KeraHealth Hair Women being launched in January 2018, in the USA.

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