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KeraHealth - Men & Women

In order to be eligible for the KeraHealth Money Back
guarantee all of the following conditions must be met:

The KeraHealth money back guarantee is valid for:

  • A minimum purchase of 1 month subscription to KeraHealth Woman or KeraHealth Man, directly
    from www.kerahealth.com

  • Supplements must be taken on a daily basis for 30 days consecutively as prescribed on the site
    and packaging, 2 capsules per day.

  • KeraHealth should be contacted up to 14 days after the completion of the 30 day supplement
    supply. After this period of 14 days any action will not be possible.

  • The guarantee applies to the expected result- a reduction in hair loss only that can be expected
    after one month usage. Benefits such as growth, shine and strength are seen between 2 and 3

  • No previous claims from the customer have been made. The customer can only benefit from the
    money back guarantee once in their lifetime on 1 month supply of KeraHealth when ordering
    from www.KeraHealth.com

In order to submit a request for the money back guarantee, you must:

  1. 1Send an email to our contact center at [email protected], and you will receive an email
    detailing the next steps.

  2. 2Return the second month supply, full with 30 capsules, unopened, with bottle seal intact and in
    original box that should be in the same condition as when received. This second month supply
    will be automatically refunded upon reception in pre-stated condition.

  3. 3Our team may require a letter outlining your experience.

  4. 4You must send the empty KeraHealth packaging (bottle and outer packaging) of the first month supply.

Upon reviewal and if the application is successful our contact center will contact you
and advise regarding the refund.

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