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KeraHealth Men 1 month supply

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(10 reviews)

USD 69.99

Hair Loss problems, try KeraHealth Hair specially formulated for men, with DHT Blocker and all your hair needs to grow strong again.

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Drug free, gimmick free, ingredients with
clinically proven results with no side effects.

KeraHealth hair men

985 Reviews

USD 69.99 USD 59.99 / month + Free Shipping*

Our most popular product, receive your treatment every month and don’t skip the growing, be consistent, that is the key to seeing results.

10 USD Discount

Free hair mineral analysis (US only)

Free shipping (US only)

Billed monthly

Pause or Cancel anytime

60 capsules

Delivery within 2-4 business days

KeraHealth hair men

985 Reviews

USD 69.99 + 5.99 USD Shipping*

New? The path to healthy hair starts here. We highly recommend to take it at least 3 months for better results.

10 USD Discount

Free hair mineral analysis

Free shipping

60 capsules

Delivery within 2-4 business days

KeraHealth hair men

985 Reviews

USD 209.99 USD 194.99 + Free Shipping*

Meet our most concentrated treatment. Ideal for people who need a little more help to feel like themselves again.

7% Discount

Free hair mineral analysis

Free shipping

180 caps – 90 days treatment

Delivery within 2-4 business days

KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - 0G TRANS FAT


KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO LACTOSE


KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO GLUTEN


KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO DRUGS


KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO DAIRY


KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO STEARATES


KeraHealth Hair Men

The powerful mixture of beta-sitosterols in the KeraHealth® formula combats free radicals from environmental stress.* Beta-Sitosterols also supports a healthy prostate and reduces the formation of DHT, a hormone associated with hair loss for men.*

Key Antioxidants

Our formula includes a combination of Beta Sitosterols and a high quality grape seed extract, another powerful antioxidant. This provides the body with the defense necessary to combat hair loss from environmental stress.*

A balanced addition of vitamins and minerals helps to optimize the bio-activity of our formula’s dietary ingredients.* This nourishes the hair in order to reduce hair loss, stimulate growth and rejuvenate the fibers, all resulting in healthier hair.*

The Results

  • Reduce hair loss
  • Increase brightness
  • Increase strength


2 capsules per day with a meal. Recommended for all hair types.
For optimal effects, it is advisable 3 months in a row.

KeraHealth Supplement Facts - Men


10$ discount

10$ discount

We love that you want to take care of yourself, and we’ll reward your commitment to feeling better with a 30% discount on all orders.

KeraHealth Free shipping

Free shipping (US only)

Your monthly bottle of Kerahealth Hair will be shipped to you without any extra charge for shipping.

Free hair mineral analysis

Free hair mineral analysis (US only)

After your third month of subscription you can avail from a free hair mineral analysis that measures the levels of heavy metal toxicity in your body. This analysis worth USD 250 will be entirely free to you.

Billed monthly

Billed monthly

The credit card that you used for subscription will be debited automatically every month, you won’t have to do anything.

Pause or cancel anytime.

Travelling and want to pause your subscription? No problem! Decide to cancel your subscription? You got it! You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Get your treatment on time

We will make sure that you receive your bottle of Kerahealth Hair, automatically every month. Remember consistency is key to getting healthy hair.

Spend $100 or Subscribe (US only) and you’ll get free shipping.

When purchasing in the US, you can choose: Free standard shipping which takes 3-5 business days or expedited shipping for an extra fee which takes 2 business days. Prior to being shipped, it will take 1-2 business days to process your order. All orders are shipped by USPS and you will receive your tracking number by e-mail, once your order has been processed.

We ship internationally

We ship to most of the countries. Please choose your country on the checkout page.


**Shipping and product costs do not include duties or taxes that may be applicable to your order. For detailed information about what duties or taxes you may be charged, please refer to your local customs website.

Return Policy

KeraHealth orders are guaranteed by a 30 day return policy. If you wish to process a return, please return the bottle to us at your own expense and we will proceed to your refund less a restocking fee. The restocking fee for an unopened, resellable bottle in the original undamaged packaging is 15% and for an opened, unsellable bottle the fee is 35%. For more information please write us at: [email protected]

18 Essential Amino Acids

3 Patented Ingredients

7 Vitamins & Minerals

Key Findings

KerCysteine provides the body with all the necessary 18 amino acids necessary to retain and stimulate hair follicles to growth whilst improving hair strength and brightness. 100% of participants saw an increase in Anagen (hair growth stage) after 3 months. 92% of the participants experienced less hair loss only after 1 month. 96% of the participants observed an improvement in hair brightness after 3 months.


Our supplement is designed to stimulates hair growth and reduce hair loss. Promote natural production of Keratin in your body and improves hair luster and brightness.

No, KeraHeath does not contain gluten or lactose. If you are gluten or lactose allergic or intolerant, you can take KeraHealth.

Yes. Unlike other Keratin based supplements, are ingredients are not sourced from shellfish or fish, but from New Zealand sheep wool fiber.

No. It DOES NOT contain soy, eggs, dairy, gluten, milk, peanuts, shellfish, tree nuts, wheat, yeast, artificial flavors or artificial colors. If you have severe allergies, please read the ingredient list carefully and consult your doctor. Discontinue use if you experience any adverse effects.

No. KeraHealth contains naturally sourced ingredients and is 100% drug-free.

Yes. KeraHealth is natural and 100% drug-free. However, please consult your doctor if you have any special condition or are already taking prescription drugs.

No. You can stop taking KeraHealth at any time, you will not experience any side effects.

Fay, the Co-Founder of KeraHeath

About KeraHealth

Every product we formulate is free of drugs, GMOs, trans fat, lactose, gluten, dairy, stearates and is always cruelty-free, made with French ingredients.

KeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO STEARATESKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - NO DRUGSKeraHealth Hair Vitamins - FRENCH INGREDIENTS

* Applies to US only

Additional information

Weight 6.4 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

Customer Reviews

  1. Troy

    I was quite surprised at the almost immediate stop to my hair falling
    out, after 2 months my hair started looking really good, would definitely buy

  2. Michael

    I try not to take vitamins and supplements in general as I think its
    better to get nutrients from real food but was desperate as started losing alot
    of hair and I am only 22. Was happy with the naturally sourced ingredients
    and very pleased with the results, my hair loss stopped after about 3 weeks
    into the course.

  3. Tom

    Wasn’t totally convinced at first but followed the recommended course
    through and was impressed by the results. My hair got thicker and way

  4. Ash

    No brainer, easy to take, reasonably priced, great results.

  5. Julian

    Finally I have finally found a drug free option for my thinning hair, I
    would definitely recommend.

  6. Alex

    I had shaven my hair really short as was getting bald patches, was
    really pleased with the way my hair grew back in and so fast!

  7. Robert (verified owner)

    My bald spot was scaring me, but this has really helped.

  8. Francis B. (verified owner)

    Have been taking it for 2 months, results are promising, losing way less hair!

  9. Mark

    I will not leave the faith of my hair to chance!! I am loosing hair and I do not want to be bold. I am on the second month of my KeraHealth and honestly after few weeks i saw already a huge improvement in hair loss. Now my girl friend also sees the difference. For me the best product i have tried till now.

  10. Peter

    I have been trying many products. Most of them turn out to be a complex of vitamins. Nothing bad but atlas in my case they had it was not as effective. This product works, my hair loss reduced. I saw the results after 2-3 weeks. So far really pleased.